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At Fox Chapel Dermatology, we strive to diagnose, treat, and surgically correct conditions relating to the human skin, hair, and nails. While treating these disorders, we hope not only to improve the medical condition of our patients, but also to reinforce the confidence and self-esteem so necessary for their social development. We believe our commitment to deliver the highest quality medical care and cosmetic treatments will lead to positive changes in the lives of those we serve.

What is a Dermatologist?

Dermatology is a medical and surgical specialty that deals with the diagnoses and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair and nails in adults and children. The educational requirements for a dermatologist include a college degree, four years of medical school, one year of internship, and three additional years of Dermatology residency training. Dr. Caserio also has the advantage of three years of Internal Medicine residency training.

Rebecca J Caserio MD


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